We are PIPA accredited testers and certificate your unit at our factory in Manby, Nr Louth, Lincolnshire. We can also provide an RPII test where necessary. Cost for a annual PIPA test and certificate on a single unit is £49.50 plus VAT and an initial PIPA test and certificate is £56.50 plus VAT. Although we mainly test at our factory unit, we are able to travel in certain circumstances to test your unit. Cost for travel incurred is charged at 0.55p per mile. Contact us for more information.
Why PIPA test your units?
Many external organisation such as local authorities, leisure centres and private function halls etc require a PIPA test in order for your unit to be hired at their premises.
Furthermore, in some cases it can have an impact on your commercial business insurance for your units to be PIPA tested and certificated.
As a PIPA test lasts a year, organisations are able to see that your unit is of an acceptable standard for hiring. Moreover, every PIPA test is registered to the PIPA database so full details on each certified unit can be viewable online at any time which is added convenience.