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We are registered PIPA testers, available to annually test your inflatables and provide certification.

All of the inflatables we manufacture come with an initial  test with certificate.

Why have a PIPA test?

It is becoming increasingly important to ensure all of your castles and inflatables are tested annually. Think of it as a M.O.T. for your castle - it enables a fully trained competent person to carefully examine your castle and maintain that it is up to industry standard and therefore safe to hire out to your customers.

Many insurance providers are now seeking PIPA tested castles and inflatables in order to provide current insurance. Likewise, local authorities and other professional bodies stipulate that every castle must be PIPA tested in order to be used at their events. So it stands to reason that it is worthwhile ensuring they are all in test, as well as for your own piece of mind.

A PIPA test is an in depth test on your inflatable looking at a large range of factors. We look at the pressure, integral build, seams, anchor points, artwork and number of users/height of users plus a lot more.

In addition, your blowers and leads are all thoroughly checked and PAT tested.

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