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Frequently asked questions:

Why choose us?

This is the question that many customers ask when they are deciding which company to use. We are one of the longest established inflatable manufacturers in the country, with a huge depth of knowledge. We go the extra mile for our customers and we really care about the build quality of our inflatables and soft play. Everything we manufacture will endure through the years, allowing you to maintain and build upon your stock and not have to replace units with the seasons.

Our customer service is second to none. Our prices are competitive for the market and particularly when you take into account the extremely high standard of workmanship on each and every castle.

We aren't looking for a quick sale or turnaround, we are looking to ensure that you are completely satisfied with your purchase and we take the time to make sure you are entirely happy with your castle.

Are your castles tested?

Yes, every castle and inflatable that leaves our unit is thoroughly checked and comes with a years initial PIPA test and certificate.

Can you make copyright castles?

No, unfortunately we do not have a licence to manufacture any unit that exhibits any copyrighted artwork either in full or in part. Likewise, we cannot design and print artwork that is of similar design or shows similarities to existing copyrighted images.

Are your prices inclusive of V.A.T?

No, none of our prices include V.A.T. However, the good news for our customers is that we are not V.A.T. registered so there is no V.A.T. payable on any of our units or extras and accessories. The prices that you see and are quoted for are the prices you will pay. There are no hidden extras.

What payment methods can I pay by?

We do not have a card machine at present. The majority of our customers pay us by BACs which is our preferred method for payment. However, cash on collection is also okay.

Do you offer delivery?

Yes, delivery can be arranged (may incur a surcharge). If you are not local to us and would like delivery, we can arrange via courier to ship out to you. Alternatively, if your unit is larger, we can pallet at cost.

Collection from us is also welcomed by prior arrangement. We are often out and about in the local area, so can possibly arrange delivery if we are in your area.

Are you able to test my inflatables?

Yes, we are PIPA accredited testers and can PIPA test all of your inflatables each year. If they do not fall under the jurisdiction of PIPA, we can offer one of our in house RPII tests which shows that they have been examined and tested by a competent qualified person.

What if one or more of my castles needs to be repaired?

If you notice that one of your units needs attention, then please contact us for advice. We can provide a quote for the repair to be done and arrange a time for it to be carried out. In most cases the inflatable would need to be brought and left for the repair to be carried out. However, in the case of smaller repairs, we may be able to do it whilst you wait. Prior arrangement for any repair must be made as we do get extremely busy.

Will I get guidance/advice on how to use my new castle and accessories?

Yes, we are always on hand to provide comprehensive help and guidance on all aspects of running and setting up/packing up your castle. Likewise, every unit is supplied with an operating manual which details all the need to know information in order for you to set up and run your inflatable safely.

Is it worth participating in an RPII operators course?

Many professional bodies including Local Government authorities now specify that any professional hirer needs to be RPII operator accredited. Likewise, a number of insurers now require that hirers obtain an RPII operators accreditation before insurance can take place. So, it is well worth undertaking as once achieved, it is held for 3 years and can be a positive step in your hiring business.

Can you offer a competitive start up package?

Ask us directly what we can do to help you every step of the way with supply of your new inflatables. Whether you are looking for a single unit start up or for multiple units offering a range of options we may be able to help.

How long will my order take?

How busy we are depends on the time of year. During the Autumn and Winter months we may be able to complete your order more quickly. As we head through Winter and into the Spring months we get significantly busier so lead times may be much longer. At present our lead time is 8 weeks but please speak to us directly as this can change daily.

What deposit do you require?

For an order to be confirmed, we require a 25% deposit to be paid. Only once the deposit has been made can we confirm your order.

How does placing an order work?

Because our units are bespoke made to order units, it is best to speak to us directly. We discuss your exact requirements in terms of design, colours, theme etc and work with you on your design specification. We will design any artwork and check the proofs with you to ensure you are completely happy. Once your design has been agreed upon and a time scale advised, your 25% deposit is payable. Once this has been processed your order is accepted. Wherever possible, we endeavour to complete your order as soon as we can. Upon completion of your order, you will be advised and the remainder of the balance is then payable. Once this has been received, your order is ready for you to collect.

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