Price list 2020
All sizes are in feet.
Box castles/Ball pools:
8ft x 13ft        10ft x 15ft
£850             £950
Goal post bouncers:
11ft x 13ft        12ft x 15ft       13ft x 16.5ft       16.5ft x 19.5ft        18.5ft x 22.5ft       21ft x 24.5ft
£950             £1000            £1074              £1380                £1700                 £2350
Castles with A frame with sewn in canopy:
11ft x 13ft        12ft x 15ft       13ft x 16.5ft       16.5ft x 19.5ft        18.5ft x 22.5ft       21ft x 24.5ft 
£1125             £1200            £1314              £1690                 £2069                £2750
Castles with proper towers and battlements on 4 sides:
11ft x 13ft        12ft x 15ft       13ft x 16.5ft       16.5ft x 19.5ft        18.5ft x 22.5ft       21ft x 24.5ft
£1025            £1125             £1214              £1590                 £1969                 £2650
A post turret castles:
12ft x 15ft      13ft x 16.5ft      16ft x 20ft 
£1550           £1714              £2170
Haunted House/Treasure Island/Dragon's Den etc themed front slide combi castle with several blown up toys i.e. biff and bash:
12ft x 17ft      15ft x 17ft
£1500          £1850
Jungle/Treasure Island/Haunted House/Dracula etc themed front internal slide combi
14ft x 14ft
West world/Dragon's Den activity castles (various themed available):
12ft x 17ft      15ft x 17ft
£1500           £1850
Side slide/bouncer combi:
17ft x 15ft
Gladiator duel (includes bed, 2 duel sticks and protective headwear):
14ft x 18ft
Mega slide:
20ft wide, 33ft long, 22ft high with 15ft high platform
Front loading slide:
10ft wide, 20ft long with 8ft high platform
Front loading slide:
with 10ft high platform
Assault course:
10ft wide, 38ft long and comes in two parts
Bungee run (includes 4 ropes, 4 belts and 6 batons):
35ft long, 10ft wide and 8ft high
Santa's Grotto:
12ft x 10ft       17ft x 15ft
£1860            £2800
Disco dome castle:
13ft x 16.5ft
(Price for this unit includes hand painted artwork on the front and down both sides, stabilising strips underneath, Ion Block Rocker Bluetooth speaker system, disco ball lighting for inside, LED lighting for outside, blower, anchor stakes, PIPA test and this itemonly is inclusive of VAT).
Didi Car track:
16ft x 20ft      20ft x 22ft
£360            £400
Soft play flooring and soft play shapes:
Bowling alleys:
Single lane   Double lane
£199            £499
Air juggler shooting alley:
Printed Velcro Panels:
We are pleased to offer an extensive selection of printed panels with Velcro. Speak to us for your bespoke panel package.
Extras price list:
High tensile galvanised stakes          £3.00 each    
Blue anchor rope                         £0.40 per metre
Coloured PVC bunting                   £1.10 per metre
Buckled straps (3 metre)                £2.50 each
Sand bag covers                          £8.00 each
Silicone spray                              £3.00 each
Ground sheets (12ft x 18ft)               £15.00 each
Electric blowers                           £150.00 each
Crash mats (PVC covered foam)       £50.00 each
Arctic polar gloves                       £2.80 per pair
Bouncy castle bags                       £26.00 each
Sack barrow wheels                      £6.80 each
Prices of inflatables include an electric blower, ground stakes and basic painting i.e. design on front, name and telephone number. Extra designs and more complex painting can be undertaken at an additional cost. We can manufacture any themed idea, providing copyright is adhered to.
We can offer the choice between digitally printed artwork and hand painted artwork depending on your requirements.
All inflatables are PIPA tagged and certificated in compliance with the British Standard BS EN 14960 and 2013 HSE.
Transport and shipping of inflatables is at an extra cost.
All prices are correct at the time of printing, however Tear-away Leisure Ltd reserve the right to increase prices such as necessary in the future without notice. Inflatables advertised may vary slightly in order to comply with the recommended standard.
A 25% deposit is required for each castle/unit before the commencement of work. The remaining balance is required upon completion, prior to delivery/collection being arranged.